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  1. Canon 20X KJ20X8.8B IRSE HD Lens

    Ships from Grand Prairie , TX, US

    The outstanding optical performance of Canon's KJ20x8.2B portable HD lens is the result of Canon's world-leading design tools, including cutting-edge optical-simulation and 3D-design technologies, novel optical glass materials and coatings, ...
  2. RTS SSA-424 Hybrid Interface

    Ships from Orlando, FL, US

    The SSA-424A Dual Digital Hybrid interfaces two Two-Wire intercom lines to two Four-Wire lines. Unlike earlier analog hybrids, the SSA-424A features advanced digital signal processing to achieve automatic nulling of ...
  3. Convergent Design nanoFlash Recorder

    Ships from Orlando, FL, US

    nanoFlash is a revolutionary solid-state HD/SD recorder/player that uniquely utilizes the very high-quality Sony XDCAM 4:2:2 CODEC to write native Quicktime, MXF (video/audio/time-code), or MPGfiles onto affordable Compact Flash media. ...
  4. Ayrton MagicPanel-602 RGBW

    Ships from Las Vegas, NV, US

    First-born in the Creative Solutions family, MAGICPANEL™602 is a modular LED luminaire which delivers a broad range of diverse visual effects. Equipped with continuous unlimited PAN & TILT rotation, it ...
  5. ROE Black Onyx BO2 2.84mm Tile Package

    Ships from Van Nuys, CA, US

    LED Tile package consisting of the following: 120 active ROE Black Onyx BO2 tiles 16 spare ROE Black Onyx BO2 tiles 2 Brompton Tessera M2HD Processor/Scaler 136 TRUE1 2'-6" power jumper 136 Ethercon 2'-6" CAT5E jumper 10 Fly Bumpers   Can ...
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