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  1. Thomas Rotating Truss Chair

    Ships from Ostend, Belgium

    Thomas 360 deg rotating followspot chair underhang. ...
  2. Robert Juliat Victor 1800W MSR Followspot 1159B DMX

    Ships from Tildonk, Belgium

    Robert Juliat Victor 1800W HMI Followspot 1159B DMX with stand and case. See files section for specs. ...
  3. ETC Expression 3 800 Channel Lighting Console

    Ships from LAS VEGAS, NV, US

    Expression consoles support remote video output and DMX output from Net1 RVIs and RIUs, as well as ETCNet2 Video and DMX nodes running in Net1 mode. Includes case. Features: Preset style operation 1536 ...
  4. TMB ProCan 20 Lite MR16 Horizontal Blinder

    Ships from LAS VEGAS, NV, US

    The TMB ProCan 20-Lite Blinder packs powerful output in a compact and lightweight package. Twenty MR16 lamps make this fixture a great choice of audience blinder. Standard wiring configurations include ...
  5. BSS Audio AR204 Processor 4 Channel

    Ships from LAS VEGAS, NV, US

    The AR-204 is a 4-channel, high-quality, passive, transformer coupled balancing unit designed to provide balanced and floating 600 Ohm signal outputs from an unbalanced line level input signal, or it ...
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