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  1. GLP Volkslicht LED RGB Fixture

    Ships from Longbridge, GB

    GLP Volkslicht LED Fixture. The GLP Volkslicht brings affordability without compromise to those wanting to make use of LED as a lighting source in a moving head, but were worried about ...
  2. Robe DL7S LED Profile

    Ships from Ostend, Belgium

    Robe DL7S LED Profile. No cases available. SOURCE Light source: Robe's 800 W 7 colours LED engine LED engine life expectancy: 20.000 hrs CRI: >90 Control: Automatic and remote on/off OPTICAL SYSTEM Beam angle: Zoom range 7°-43° Output Lens ...
  3. High End SolaWash 19 LED RGBW Moving Light

    Ships from ORLANDO, FL, US

    SolaWash 19 is a high brightness moving wash light powered by 15 watt RGBW LED’s as well as the addition of the deep hues provided by Indigo Highlighter, these fast, ...
  4. Clay Paky A.leda B-Eye K20

    Ships from Hamburg, Germany

    The A.leda B-EYE K20 comes with case. A.LEDA B-EYE K20
Perfect Wash, Amazing Beam, Spectacular Graphic Effects
 The A.leda B-EYE K20 is a high performance wash light, a breathtaking beam light, and a ...
  5. Robe Robin 600

    Ships from Zurich, Switzerland

    The Robe Robin 600 comes included hooks, safety and case. The super-slim ROBIN® 600 LEDWash features 37x 10 Watt RGBW multichip LEDs with colour output ranging from gentle pastels to the ...
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