Manufacturer: Lex Products
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  1. Lex Products Socapex 19M pin to 11 Ft. 6 Circuit Breakout

    Ships from ORLANDO, FL, US

    Lex Products Socapex 19 pin Male connector to 6 Circuit Breakout with stage pin 20 amp female connectors at 11 ft. lenght. ...
  2. LEX MEPDIS DB30NF Step-Up Transformer 208V>232V 30A L21-30

    Ships from LAS VEGAS, NV, US

    The US Marine Corps' Mobile Electric Power Distribution System – Replacement (MEPDIS-R) is manufactured by Lex Products Corp. – MEPDIS-R is a commercial based modular component system of portable power ...
  3. Lex Products DB100BS Portable GFCI Multicable Protector Socapex 19

    Ships from Secaucus, NJ, US

    Lex products portable gfci lunch box with Socapex in/out and male edison out. ...
  4. Lex Products Power Distro 200A x 2 5-Wire

    Ships from Buffalo Grove, IL, US

    5-wire cam in, (2) 200A breakered 5-wire out.  No main. ...
  5. Lex Products Socapex 19 Male pin Cable Breakout to six 20A-2P&G FEM Staggered

    Ships from LAS VEGAS, NV, US

    Socapex breakout staggered.   ...
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