Manufacturer: Lex Products
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  1. Lex Products Socapex 19 Multi 12/14 20’ 6M

    Ships from Secaucus, NJ, US

    Cables feature the proprietary LSC19 6-circuit lighting connectors with interlocking key to prevent spinning of the interior within the male and female housing, prevents misalignment of male and female circuit ...
  2. Lex Products Socapex 19 Male pin Cable Breakout to six 20A-2P&G FEM Staggered

    Ships from Secaucus, NJ, US

    Socapex breakout staggered.   ...
  3. Soca19 25ft 12/14 Cable

    Ships from LAS VEGAS, NV, US

    Soca19 cable 25ft 12/14 gauge, various manufacturers ...
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