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  1. Color Kinetics Philips COLORBLAZE 72 RGBW LED STRIP 6' TR4 18° (U)

    Ships from Secaucus, NJ, US

    The ColorBlaze TR4 is an enhanced theatrical and rental LED batten with intelligent RGBW / RGBA light. The ColorBlaze TR4 family extends the range and flexibility of the popular line of ...
  2. Sony DVW-M2000 Digital Betacam Editor

    Ships from Glendale, CA, US

    This Digital Betacam Recorder/Player is the redesigned successor to the DVW-A500. It is 4 RU tall, weighs less, and consumes less power, gives longer head life, and includes composite analog ...
  3. Analog Way DVX8022 DiVentix Digital Hi-Res Switch

    Ships from Glendale, CA, US

    This full-digital computer and video Up/Down Mixer Scaler Switcher offers numerous effects such as fade, wipes, moving PIP, 8×2 scaled Matrix and stand alone Soft Edge function on up to ...
  4. Telecast Diamondback II TX/RX KIT w/ Dual Laser

    Ships from Glendale, CA, US

    The Telecast DiamondBack2 system consists of a dual optical output fiber optic transmitter/multiplexer (TX) and a mating receiver/demultiplexer (RX). The TX unit multiplexes and launches simultaneously onto the fiber up ...
  5. Bluebell ShaxX Camera Unit with CCU

    Ships from Glendale, CA, US

    The ShaxX System from Bluebell has been designed to provide power insertion to broadcast cameras fitted with Standard SMPTE 304M hybrid connectors, thus allowing them to be remotely powered over ...
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